How to Defend Your Dissertation Paper Successfully?

Defense is the last and highest stage of your research that has lasted for several years. Having spent so much time to compose your dissertation, you surely want the defense to be a success. There are several tips that can help you succeed and receive the highest points.

How to Prepare for Your Dissertation Defense

Experienced dissertation writers and influential psychologists claim that people who can imagine situations in details and plan their behavior stop being afraid and nervous, stop hesitating and questioning their abilities. The more confident you look during the defense, the better for you. Even though your paper has minute drawbacks, your calm and confident presentation will make them much less prominent.

If it’s possible, attend other students’ defense several times during the last year before your own defense. Give attention to the way they present their research, analyze weak and strong points of each of them. It’s very important for your own success or a failure.

How to Defend Your Dissertation with Confidence

Since the defense is a public presentation, many students have problems due to this fact only. You need to overcome your fear of speaking to a big audience, should you have it. Then, you need to prepare yourself for answering questions promptly and clearly.

In order to avoid excess nervousness, do the following:

1. Prepare a plan.

It should contain several main points of your research that will serve as a frame for your presentation.

2. Make your presentation laconic.

Each defense has precise time frames. The committee will be bored and tired by too long presentations. Think on the ways to make your defense quick, informative, and logically correct.

3. Develop a precise structure.

Mention all the most important points of your work: your topic, goals, methods, and findings. Give attention to your own research, its value from the point of view of science, and its novelty.

4. Hand out materials.

Take trouble to prepare some visual materials to give to the committee. Graphics, pictures, diagrams, schemes, and so on will significantly help you and prevent some of the additional questions from the committee. All this will represent your project as a deep well-structured work that deserves the highest grade.

How to Look Good at the Defense

The way you look means a lot, too. Neatly and modestly dressed, with a well-pitched voice and an open glance, you will win the goodwill of the committee.