Criminology Dissertation Ideas to Consider

Criminology has so many fields that might be of great interest to researchers. Here is a list of dissertation topics that can help in one way or another;

  1. The right of prisoners to vote: arguments for and against

It is good to research on how prisoners can vote. It is a way of empowering prisoners because they also have rights. Try and investigate how the problem got handled before. What is the way to improve the situation? It is good to know the ethical aspect of the whole situation and what to do about it. Research thoroughly and have points that argue for and against the issue.

  1. Domestic violence and study of victimology

Make sure you investigate several cases of domestic violence. Know the personality that tends to fail in the category of domestic violence. Take your time while researching a good result. You should include your evidence for clarification. The essay should have all the necessary things required.

  1. Causes and rates of Arsons in schools

Research and find out why there are many cases regarding arsons. You should state the reasons with evidence for such acts. It is also good to declare why juveniles are the ones conducting the crime. At what specific time are the cases more? You should explain the point briefly. What punishment should offenders get? You can judge by what you think or what other people believe.

  1. Phenomena of serial killers

Your research should focus more on a child’s life that leads to maniacal disposition. Give attention to your family, peers, and people in the surrounding environment

  1. Importance of police officers in solving and preventing crimes

They are integral in the community. They had so many cases that affect citizens as a whole. The research should focus more on what they can do to improve their services. Acknowledging the things they have done is also a good thing because the work they do is not easy.

  1. Effects of domestic violence on a woman’s mental health

Domestic violence is one of the craziest things that happen to women. It is something that takes so much time in one’s head. It causes disorders to some people who can not handle it. Some ways can help reduce the problem or even stop. Punishment is mandatory for such a crime. Try and focus on how it can stop and the causes.

  1. How modern internet affect suicide

Show and mention how the internet increases suicide cases. Try to investigate the issue and give the correct points. It is one of the biggest problems, finding solutions for it is admirable.

  1. Tortures and police brutality

As much as the police are doing a good job, they are also using too much force to control individuals. What are the reasons of police brutality, and what can stop it? You should thoroughly explain the points for a better understanding.

  1. Approaches and ways to detect cyber crimes

How can cyber crimes be detected? You need to do research and give pointers on how police can sense the problems. It is a problem people face in their day to day life, and it will be good if something gets done about it.

  1. Methods of dealing with social disorders

Compare and contrast how police handle the problem of social disorders.